Wednesday, August 19, 2009





To Whom It May Concern:

Please be advised that today, August 19, 2009, I received word from High Priest Peter H. Gilmore at the Church of Satan’s Central Office. My resignation from the Church of Satan and the Priesthood of Mendes has been officially accepted.

I sent in my Red Card and my Priesthood certificate for strictly philosophical reasons. I left the organization on good terms and with mutual respect, from and for, the Church of Satan administration.

Satanism advertises itself as a Promethean religion. For me, this has undeniably been the case. As a direct result of my involvement in the Church of Satan, I was introduced to ideas, literature and artworks that have enriched my life and transformed my perception of the world. ** This is undeniable. I have seen things that can’t be unseen, and learned things which cannot be unlearned.  Many of the ideas that resonated with me in Satanic philosophy continue to drive my creative work. Furthermore, I have received advice, encouragement, constructive criticism, and support from members of the Church of Satan hierarchy and membership that has been of inestimable value. 

There is certainly a great deal of overlap and shared understanding when it comes to my own evolving philosophy and the religio-philosophy of Satanism. But for a while now, there’s been a growing chasm of disagreement between the two. It is small, but significant--especially in certain areas that have become very important to me personally.

I have no desire to offer a public criticism of Satanism. It was right for me until it wasn’t. Satanism changed me, but eventually it pointed me in a direction that caused me to evolve into a man who could no longer in good faith identify himself as a Satanist.

If I had not been a “public Satanist,” I might simply have held onto my card and my title as keepsakes. But as I have represented The Church of Satan several times in the media, it is necessary to make a clean break so that I can explore new directions without constantly having to justify that association.

I will always be something of a “fellow traveler.”  But I have reached a point where I have to go my own way and bid Satanism farewell. I’ll be sure to tip my hat whenever Old Scratch crosses my path.

I would like to sincerely thank High Priest Peter H. Gilmore and High Priestess Peggy Nadramia for all of their assistance. They do a bang-up job running the show and are both real class acts. I continue to consider them friends and wish them the very best.  I would also like to thank all of the many members of The Church of Satan who have earnestly supported me and my work over the years, especially including members of the hierarchy who I won’t list here for fear of forgetting someone.

To those who have no genuine interest in my work and who only value my title and association with the organization, I trust that you will no longer have reason to seek, or pretend to seek, my friendship or favor.

To those who truly find my work interesting or who know me personally, I hope my dis-affiliation doesn’t dissuade you from following my projects or maintaining our association. I will certainly continue to associate with and follow the lives and the work of those Satanists who have earned my friendship and respect.

As the saying goes: “Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.”

So it is done.



Jack Donovan
Formerly Rev. Jack Malebranche
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** To clarify, for the “uninitiated” reader, here are some things you should know regarding Satanism as defined by The Church of Satan:

  1. Satanism is not Devil-worship, and does not acknowledge Satan as a god-like entity. More like a metaphor or idea for a variety of concepts best explained at  I have been a skeptical atheist since I was very young,  and I have remained one ever since.
  • I have never professed a belief in any kind of supernatural magic. I will continue to use the idea of “ritual as meaningful psychodrama” in my work, because I have always found it interesting.